pitches and group presentations

I think that everybody in my class did a great job presenting. Everybody had really great ideas of what they could use for their final projects. The one I was most disappointed in was my own. I think that my idea was awful. Everybody else had better ideas than I did so they deserve full credit of all of the great things that they came up.

For presentations about the books, I think everybody did a great job because they had power points and had everything to support their ideas and what they thought of the books that they read. I think that after hearing everybody’s presentations that I need to read those books now. All of my classmates were fantastic and I enjoyed this semester very much. Thanks for everything.

Writing For New Media self assessment

When it come to the final project, the process of creating it was an easy one, but at the same time it wasn’t easy at all. The hardest part about it was trying to get everybody in the same room at the same time. All of our schedules were different, but when we were able to meet together, we were able to get a lot of work done. I think that what I could have done differently is I could have contributed a little bit more because I feel like I contributed not as much as I thought I did. When it comes to writing for new media in the terms of the project, I think one of the things that helped was reading the boot Networked because it gave me an idea of how writing for the media works and how certain things can help depending on the formats. The other thing that helped was watching the video “How The Internet Works” because it gave me an idea of how the internet and how information is processed online. I think that all of the things that we read and watched contributed to the entire creation of our projects. I could have done and contributed more, but this was fun. It was a good semester so thanks for everything!

Context Strategy

When it comes to context strategy, I think my group is using what we are trying to support as the context. It allows us to let people be aware of what it is we are trying to do. I think that there is something that if we have people know about these things, then it is possible for them to latch on and become part of the circle. I think we are defining our audience by how they are supporting. If they are supporting through the methods that we are using, then that is great. They want to be team players and want to contribute in some way. I’m not sure what kind of persona we are having, but the kind of persona is something like being able to use these resources so that we can help get the clean water people need. When I think of context strategy, for our group, I think of a logo with a sink and water dripping from the sink. I think that this gives the audience and idea of what they are going into. That way, people will understand that this is about getting clean water. This will need a little bit of work, but this will  get off the ground we’re hoping very soon.

group proposal

Unicef tap is nationwide campaign that has invited people to go without their phones to help children in need of clean water. This means that for every ten minutes that you don’t touch your phone, Unicef donors/sponsors will fund one day of clean water for a child in need. Just $1.00 can provide 40 days of clean water.
Why water? It’s simple; human beings cannot survive without it. Over 768 million people around the world do not have safe, clean water to drink and 2.5 billion people don’t have access to a proper toilet. The push towards clean water will keep 1,400 children from dying from diseases linked to unsafe water. In addition to Unicef’s campaign, we plan on spreading the word to people to participate through a project of our own. Let’s show the world that we can put down our phones to provide others with something they actually can’t live without.
Specifically, our digital networked response will be a facebook page and an informational wordpress blog promoting the UNICEF tap project and how Columbia can help. We would like to create a blogroll on the wordpress site directing people to our facebook page and to UNICEF’s website.
For the research plan, our team will have to visit the UNICEF website (http://tap.unicefusa.org/

) in order to become more informed on the application. This is the essential site that will provide us with the most accurate and thorough explanation on how/why/where this project will affect most people. Also, in order to fully push the campaign, we can use our own experiences with the app to understand why it’s effective. Each of us can download UNICEF tap project at a designated period during the day and then discuss how it personally impacted our time. After that, we can explore various social media sites (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.) to see if there were any other individuals around the world who tested the app and reported their encounters or knowledge of this mobile campaign. In an effort to reach out to more Columbia students, we can go to the official Facebook page and ask if anyone has heard of this app and post a link for any potential responses. A lot of students use this page as a means of interacting within the school’s community. So it turn, we can see some surprising results.
Our team members have a diverse number of skills which will help us as a team to complete our project effectively. Jess and Chris have skills in ad art so they will be creating posters and stickers to advertise a bake sale that we will be having in addition to promoting UNICEF. Carolyn is good at photography so she will be taking pictures at our bake sale and putting them up on our wordpress and facebook page. She will also help with making things for our bake sale and overseeing our facebook page. Grace is skilled at baking so she will provide items for the bake sale as well as overseeing the donations to UNICEF that our team will hopefully be able to collect at the bake sale. She will also be overseeing others in the group to make sure that tasks are completed on time. Joe will be helping out with our wordpress page and making sure the posts are up to date.
We plan on having the bake sale the last week of April. We are looking to have it on a Wednesday since that seems to be the best day for everyone. We will affirm this the first week of April and make the necessary reservations on Columbia’s campus .During this time Chris and Jess will begin to make the stickers and posters advertising the bake sale. Grace will check in every week with Carolyn and Joe to make sure that the wordpress and facebook page are up to date. The week of the sale, the whole team will work to provide items to sell and help man the table. The first week of May Grace will inventory the donations accepted and donate the money to UNICEF. Carolyn and Joe will post updates to the wordpress and facebook pages on how much we earned.
The digital assets we need in order to fulfill the campaign push, will obviously be the UNICEF website (http://tap.unicefusa.org/

) because it has the most accurate information on the app. Secondly, we’d have to create a wordpress site (tentatively titled, “Columbia College Chicago UNICEF Tap Project”) in order to specifically inform CCC students with news, events, updates, and social media links. Thirdly, our Facebook page will connect the online CCC community to interact with each other and share their experiences. Lastly, we need a Twitter account to connect with students through ‪#‎hashtags‬ and respond immediately to questions or comments on upcoming occasions or the app.

“Networked” review

There have been many books that have been written about the technology and social media, but I think that Networked is one that is an extremely well-written book. Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman, who both collaborated on this book, give us a very interesting look at the technologies that we use from Facebook to Twitter. There were times in the book where I felt very confused about certain parts, but once I read the parts over, then I felt more of an understanding of what it was they are talking about. I think that it is very important for us to know what it is about the social media outlets that we are using. I think that there will be plenty to use these social media outlets, but Rainie and Wellman show that there is more than one different ways to use them and how to use them wisely. I am very interested in knowing what the future holds for the social media and I bet they could write another book if they wanted to, but I think that this book has class and it has a lot of great information that we need to know about.


When it comes to the HTML projects, I have had a hard time with using this. It’s like using another tool because it is something that I have not used before. I think in a way, it’s sort of trying to build something without trying to understand what it is that is going on. For my profession, I don’t think there really is something that I can really do with using this system because most of the time I’m just online looking up where there are auditions to go to.

  • In a way, the HTML system is like a science because there is a lot of things that go into putting things together. I think that if you don’t know any of these things, then I think that the best thing you can do is educate yourself about these things and learn to use them more.

It’s all about understanding what you want to figure out. I think that the more you use it, the more you know what to expect. There are always a ton of things to discover even on the internet. This has been a tough thing to learn, but I think the more I use it the more I can figure out what the outcome is going to be.

Well, it says in the assignment that we have to write a mini manifesto. For me, I’m not really sure what it is that I’m trying to figure out, but I think that I’m going to find out what it is if I look a little deeper. I think that there is something interesting about remixes and such, but at the same time I am against remixes because I think it destroys something that is original. I think that classics should not be touched. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve been having a very difficult time trying to figure out what I’m going to say and what I’m going to do. I hope that something can help me out in some way.

Class Pitches

I think that everybody made very interesting pitches. People had things that were either important to them or serious issues that need to be made aware of. The one that stood out to me was “saving the LP.” I’m one of the few people who still buys albums in disc form and I enjoy that. I think that it is something that needs to be aware of. While technology is growing and changing, I think that CDs are something should people should keep buying because they may be something very special someday. I also like the idea of banning beauty pageants. I think that they are ridiculous period. That is something that I think is making kids become serious egomaniacs and that is not a good thing to have to put up with. The other idea that stood out to me was the issue in Venuzuela. As an issue, I think that people do need to be aware of. However, in the past, knowing about something doesn’t change anything and it never has. People have said things like “Had we known about Auschwitz, Rwanda, or Darfur, we would have acted differently.” The truth is that we haven’t and we didn’t. However, I think this is something worth getting out there so that we can do something to stop it. It can help us make up for the times we didn’t help out any of those other issues.

I think what people did well was the way they presented. I think that everyone was so sincere and they knew their facts. I think everybody did a very great job either way. What I think I can contribute to any of these projects is my ability to do research and find information that we don’t know yet. I think that having a knowledge of the subject we are interested in is important to have so that we can state our facts on the issue. We will have to act like spokesmen. I’m looking forward to what we choose to use as our project.

Journal of Broadcasting & New Media

In this article, I found it very interesting. I think that when it talks about “publicness” in social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter let us know that everything that we post is public and someone is reading it somewhere. It also discusses audiences that I think are important because it depends on who you are trying to target and get to follow you. For example, several comedians use these outlets and they mostly post their jokes and tour dates. I enjoy social media for that use because it is better than posting sad, depressing stuff all the time. I think that using these outlets for stuff such as ranting will cause you to loose the audience you are trying to get.

The Political Power of Social Media

The article that stood out to me was “The Political Power of Social Media.” I found it interesting because it compares the internet to politics. There is a section in there about internet freedom. The way I see it, it’s like freedom of speech because you can say whatever you want on whatever subject you want. However, there are times where that power can become dangerous. You’ll never know when there is going to be someone is going to steal information from you. I think I will take a lot from this article because it will allow me to look at the social media very differently in how you use it for the purposes of which you use it.