I think that everybody made very interesting pitches. People had things that were either important to them or serious issues that need to be made aware of. The one that stood out to me was “saving the LP.” I’m one of the few people who still buys albums in disc form and I enjoy that. I think that it is something that needs to be aware of. While technology is growing and changing, I think that CDs are something should people should keep buying because they may be something very special someday. I also like the idea of banning beauty pageants. I think that they are ridiculous period. That is something that I think is making kids become serious egomaniacs and that is not a good thing to have to put up with. The other idea that stood out to me was the issue in Venuzuela. As an issue, I think that people do need to be aware of. However, in the past, knowing about something doesn’t change anything and it never has. People have said things like “Had we known about Auschwitz, Rwanda, or Darfur, we would have acted differently.” The truth is that we haven’t and we didn’t. However, I think this is something worth getting out there so that we can do something to stop it. It can help us make up for the times we didn’t help out any of those other issues.

I think what people did well was the way they presented. I think that everyone was so sincere and they knew their facts. I think everybody did a very great job either way. What I think I can contribute to any of these projects is my ability to do research and find information that we don’t know yet. I think that having a knowledge of the subject we are interested in is important to have so that we can state our facts on the issue. We will have to act like spokesmen. I’m looking forward to what we choose to use as our project.