There have been many books that have been written about the technology and social media, but I think that Networked is one that is an extremely well-written book. Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman, who both collaborated on this book, give us a very interesting look at the technologies that we use from Facebook to Twitter. There were times in the book where I felt very confused about certain parts, but once I read the parts over, then I felt more of an understanding of what it was they are talking about. I think that it is very important for us to know what it is about the social media outlets that we are using. I think that there will be plenty to use these social media outlets, but Rainie and Wellman show that there is more than one different ways to use them and how to use them wisely. I am very interested in knowing what the future holds for the social media and I bet they could write another book if they wanted to, but I think that this book has class and it has a lot of great information that we need to know about.