When it comes to context strategy, I think my group is using what we are trying to support as the context. It allows us to let people be aware of what it is we are trying to do. I think that there is something that if we have people know about these things, then it is possible for them to latch on and become part of the circle. I think we are defining our audience by how they are supporting. If they are supporting through the methods that we are using, then that is great. They want to be team players and want to contribute in some way. I’m not sure what kind of persona we are having, but the kind of persona is something like being able to use these resources so that we can help get the clean water people need. When I think of context strategy, for our group, I think of a logo with a sink and water dripping from the sink. I think that this gives the audience and idea of what they are going into. That way, people will understand that this is about getting clean water. This will need a little bit of work, but this will  get off the ground we’re hoping very soon.