When it come to the final project, the process of creating it was an easy one, but at the same time it wasn’t easy at all. The hardest part about it was trying to get everybody in the same room at the same time. All of our schedules were different, but when we were able to meet together, we were able to get a lot of work done. I think that what I could have done differently is I could have contributed a little bit more because I feel like I contributed not as much as I thought I did. When it comes to writing for new media in the terms of the project, I think one of the things that helped was reading the boot Networked because it gave me an idea of how writing for the media works and how certain things can help depending on the formats. The other thing that helped was watching the video “How The Internet Works” because it gave me an idea of how the internet and how information is processed online. I think that all of the things that we read and watched contributed to the entire creation of our projects. I could have done and contributed more, but this was fun. It was a good semester so thanks for everything!