The Rhetorics of Web Pages

I think that there are a lot of things that we can incorporate into writing for the web through what was said in the Web Style Writing Guide. Everybody writes differently so I think that everybody is going to approach writing online very differently. Unlike those people who are on random web chats who will get extremely worked up over random issues that would turn personal, I think that our writing will take a lot of think about what we will say and what we have to say. As a result, it is basically what we are planning on doing. We chose to say what we say sometimes.

part 2 response

My response to the second essay was the same as before. I think that when it says in the article “universality is the foundation,” I think that that means that the use of the internet is universal. Every body uses it. I believe that net neutrality is a very important issue because there is a way of dealing with data that is put up and used on the internet. There are so many things being added to sites like Wikipedia and such that the data can be changed at any time. Anyone can edit everything now. Also, with the amount of data there is, there are more things to be accessed on the internet and sometimes that can be a very dangerous thing because people can use those things for dangerous purposes. Data needs to be protected as much as possible because who knows who can break in and steal information from the web. When that happens, it can lead to dangerous situations.

part 1 response

There wasn’t any particular idea that I noticed, but it was more the entire thing as a whole. I think that the internet is more complicated that we think it is. We think of it as “go on, type in a website, and explore.” But, there are more things that make up what the internet really is. In a way, it is based around a science. There is the science of how much information is put into the internet and what is comes out of it. I think that there are also things that need to be discovered soon because the internet is still a new thing and we could discover more things in the years to come.

What is so “new” about “writing new media?” What do the readings for this make you think about in relations to the affordances and constraints of digital, networked communication?

What is so new about writing new media is that it is a very modern thing that everyone is doing right now. Times changing and people are spending more time writing on computers and on blogs and such because they think it is easier to do. I prefer using a pencil because there is more fun in actually writing by hand. I think the readings tell about how technology has been considered controversial over the years. In a way, it is. In history, people have believed that computers will destroy civilization and communication with human beings. In a way, I think that it is destroying us because our attention spans have become much shorter. I enjoy having conversations with people rather than through a computer. I think that it is more exciting to see people in person rather than online. I would love to see people communicate face to face more often despite the fact we live in a digital age.